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Wait, Weight, Wait

Today I share a poem from my book memoirs of the am. May it both inspire you and help you find comfort during the holiday season. Enjoy every bite guilt-free… Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Wait, Weight, Wait

Just wait, before you finish your day,
The thought of pounds, your weight,
Will most likely come to mind.

Don’t worry; it’s part of the design.
I want to prosecute the crime of this confusion.

Showing size zeros;
Those with eating disorders.
Yet, providing innutritious food,
To those waiting to lose weight.

This constant debate in our society has us
Waiting to weigh in. With our money, time, and health.

Waiting for truth to weight-loss cannot be bought.
Just STOP eating what they tell you is good,
And follow your heart – set yourself apart.

Don’t weight.



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M.C. Yogi’s Only Love is Real

Hi there!

I must share with you my love for M.C. Yogi’s new album, Only Love is Real. It was released on January 6th (my birthday!). The past couple of weeks I have been listening to the words and letting the energy of it marinate. I thought: “What better week than Valentine’s to write about it?” Only love is real, but to truly feel that with someone else, we first need to align our own energy.


If you need inspiration or if you are ready to take your vibes to a whole new level, you should definitely check out Only Love is Real. It is easy to find high vibe playlists, yet a full album is a rare gift. Add this energy to your sadhana or daily commute; you will feel a difference.


My 3 favorite songs:

Track 6 Light House – This soft yet upbeat song is mesmerizing.

Track 9 Dancing in the sun – Are you having the winter blues? This song will get you over it fast! Turn it on during sun salutations and feel the heat.

Track 11 Heaven is Here – Listen to this track during the first couple of minutes of meditation or while you are on an especially hectic commute. Simply beautiful.


Thank you for reading! Enjoy your week.



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tout chocolat


With Halloween right around the corner I thought I would share my favorite chocolatier: tout chocolat.

photo 1-5

Tout chocolat, nestled in the lovely Condesa neighborhood, is exclusive to Mexico City. It is a feast for both the mouth and the eyes. You literally get to watch the behind the scenes process.

this look

lookBeautifully designed bites, which are both vegetarian plus gluten-free, melt in the mouth like no other chocolate. They also have other concoctions for those who like even greater variety.



Groovy flavors like spicy chia and lychee raspberry gauruntee you’ll never be bored! Look at how the colors radiant in the sun…


Try it out the next time you’re in the D.F. (please bring me back a box). Until then, enjoy the pictures and have a SPOOOOKTACULAR Halloween :).



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reminiscing cinque terre

Welcome Readers! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. A good trip can last a lifetime; travel provides memories that satiate the soul years after the excursion. This weekend I had the joy of hearing about a friend’s recent trip to Europe. When she began talking about Cinque Terre, all I could do was light up. She gave me so much joy listening to hear trip and allowed me to reminisce on my own time spent there. Since I had never shared this trip with you, I thought I would… What better way to extend summer? The photographs are from my travel companion over at (make sure to checkout all of her great food photography). cinqueterre_01 cinqueterre_09 cinqueterre_04 cinqueterre_02 cinqueterre_05 cinqueterre_07 cinqueterre_03 cinqueterre_06 cinqueterre_081

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MeditationMoment30: reflection

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
― Søren Kierkegaard


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With eyes closed

With eyes closed
you light up within
you are blind stone

Night after night I carve you
with eyes closed
you are frank stone

We have become enormous
just knowing each other
with eyes closed

– Octavio Paz

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raw, vegan ice cream

Hello :),

How are you?

I am sorry I missed Wellness Wednesday last week; I was finishing up my travels abroad. I hope your summer is still great as well.

Speaking of summer, I want to share with you a receipe that mixes two of my favorite summer loves – raw food and ice cream. yum. yum. yum. This fantastic recipe comes from the one and only Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram over at (head over there and check out the plethora of tips and recipes).

Recipe for her banana ‘nice’ cream:

*8-9 frozen bananas

*1-2 peaches

*1 cup-o-berries

If you are traveling or do not own a high speed blender, a little splash of fresh coconut milk or water can help with blending. Put the bananas in the blender and blend. Next the peaches. Place in a serving bowl. Add the berries as sprinkles on top –  voila!

triple take

triple take



ice-cream ambiance

ice-cream ambiance

Now you have a chemical free, dairy free, gluten free, fully raw dessert with no artificial sweeteners. ENJOY.

I want to hear from you! What are some of your favorite summer health treats?  

Talk soon,