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reminiscing cinque terre

Welcome Readers! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. A good trip can last a lifetime; travel provides memories that satiate the soul years after the excursion. This weekend I had the joy of hearing about a friend’s recent trip to Europe. When she began talking about Cinque Terre, all I could do was light up. She gave me so much joy listening to hear trip and allowed me to reminisce on my own time spent there. Since I had never shared this trip with you, I thought I would… What better way to extend summer? The photographs are from my travel companion over at (make sure to checkout all of her great food photography). cinqueterre_01 cinqueterre_09 cinqueterre_04 cinqueterre_02 cinqueterre_05 cinqueterre_07 cinqueterre_03 cinqueterre_06 cinqueterre_081