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Benjamin Zander

Hi Wellness Wednesday Readers,

Is your summer going as fast and busy as mine? I hope you are enjoying the ride! Yesterday I had a phenomenal time listening to Benjamin Zander lecture on the Art of Possibility.


Zander is no stranger to the platform, beyond being the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic and Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, he has spoken for thousands world wide. He is not your typical motivational speaker; his sermon is not positivity but possibility. In fact, he mentioned that he hates positive thinking to some degree because through forced positivity one simply highlights the truth regarding negative experience. Possibility, on-the-other-hand, guides one into creative and productive solutions. 

Find his groovy TEDtalk, The Transformative Power of Classical Music, below.

Teachers College, Columbia University

Teachers College, Columbia University

Have a wonderful week and do not forget that I am now doing wellness coaching remotely! If you are feeling stressed and need some guidance we can schedule a Skype or phone session, simply call me at 1(646)708-6570.




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power posing

Happy Wellness Wednesday,

Today I want to share one of my favorite TED Talks given by Amy Cuddy. Amy is a social psychologist who is an associate professor at Harvard Business School. In her talk she not only presents an interesting study on movement behavior’s effects on hormone levels, but also provides simple ways to apply what the research finds. If these simple ‘power poses’ influence your body’s chemistry so dramatically, think of how other movement mediums (e.g., yoga or dance) change your chemical make-up.

Stay well and keep moving!


Genni Lee Hester.