Genni Lee Hester

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Two bodies

Two bodies face to face
are at times two waves 
and night is an ocean.

Two bodies face to face
are at times two stones 
and night a desert.

Two bodies face to face
are at times two roots
laced into night.

Two bodies face to face
are at times two knives
and night strikes sparks.

Two bodies face to face
are two stars falling
in an empty sky.

– Octavio Paz


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With eyes closed

With eyes closed
you light up within
you are blind stone

Night after night I carve you
with eyes closed
you are frank stone

We have become enormous
just knowing each other
with eyes closed

– Octavio Paz

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Octavio Paz

Today I am wrapping up poetry month with a beautiful poem by Mexican poet-diplomat Octavio Paz. A special someone gifted me a collection of his work recently; I adore the way he is able to interlink nature, mind, and heart.

(translated by Eliot Weinberger)

Ages of fire and of air
Youth of water
From green to yellow
From yellow to red
From dream to watching
From desire to act
It was only one step and you took it so lightly
Insects were living jewels
The heat rested by the side of the pond
Rain was a willow with unpinned hair
A tree grew in the palm of your hand
And that tree laughed sang prophesied
Its divinations filled the air with wings
There were simple miracles called birds
Everything was for everyone
Everyone was everything
There was only one huge word with no back to it
A word like a sun
One day it broke into tiny pieces
They were the words of the language we now speak
Pieces that will never come together
Broken mirrors where the world sees itself shattered