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la grande bellezza

Dear Readers,

I’ve missed you! I hope 2014 has started off well for you. I am thrilled to get Wellness Wednesday going for the New Year.

I have been moving to a new apartment and preparing for my spring semester in graduate school. Amidst the craziness, however, I have made the time to relax and watch some excellent movies. My favorite – by far – this award season is Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty. The movie makes one question not only the meaning of ‘art’, but also the meaning of life. Is a great artist a writer with a singular masterpiece, an over-published socialite, or perhaps a gifted child? Maybe none of them are, maybe they all are. More importantly: How does the process of creation connect you with your higher-self?

As you know from my other blog entries, art and the process of creation are essential in healing. Furthermore, simply sharing a film with someone you care about is a wonderful way to restore your energy. So, please go support this Golden Globe winning film!


Genni Lee Hester.


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must see film: short term 12


Yesterday I saw the film Short Term 12 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. I was emotionally transported to places in my life I have not thought about in years, while simultaneously finding a deep sense of compassion for humanity. The film artistically and thoughtfully explores the world of children who are often forgotten, so we think. It unveils the possibility we each have when we simply care. Please find the trailer below and go support this truly phenomenal film. Have a peaceful Sunday.

With love,