Genni Lee Hester

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Dear Women,

Ladies, here are all my letters from me to you.
It is my perception of love and gratitude,
For all you have done,
And all you will do.

You wisdom I envy, Your advice I heed.
I understand that you are the definition of true beauty.

Maya Angelou, I am writing you back first.
By not allowing yourself to be defined,
Your life is a metaphor of living by who you are.
I have received your message: I will love, I will be kind.

Margaret Mead your work in anthropology is a
newfound discovery of treating people as humans, not
subjects to be observed.

Another anthropologist, Marie Assad, your work for
banning genital cutting is nothing to be overlooked. I
may know little about you, but your picture is above my
desk. I look at it when I lose my purpose, when I am a

Professor Falcaro I thank you for the encouragement
to see the simple beauty in life. To take a picture with
meaning can simply be pleasing to our own eye.

For every woman that has taken the time not to be
blinded by hate and crime, for every single mother with
no lover, for the few mentioned and the hundreds in my
mind – this letter is to you.

Mother Teresa your voice has been heard by younger
generations. We know we can be successful at what we
do if we first know who we are.

Professor Biondi, a woman with an idea and a plan. I
respect your work in my field of choice, a field where
a woman’s voice is rare. Thank you for teaching me to try
to write with passion and care.

To my mom for all that you do, I love you.

Ladies, if you did not believe in yourself, there is no one
else who would. Your reminisces in society will never be
taken lightly. Whether you are a poet, dancer, scientist,
philosopher, designer, mother, daughter, sister you are
ultimately an inspiration to me.

There is one last woman who has taught me it all. She
taught me how to crawl, walk, and believe I could be
anything I wanted to be. This letter and book I dedicate
to her. She works for family. Old and powerful she
wakes at 5 AM to run her business. Longer than I have
been alive she has strived to be the best. This to her is
not money, not fame, not art, not literature; it is simply
living ethically (doing her best). Nanny, without you
I would know nothing about womanhood. Without
you the works of these woman would be nothing to
me. Because of your light and dignity I am able to see
the real meaning of life and energy. Thank you for each
opportunity you have bestowed, you’re my best friend,
and you help complete my soul.

Cheers ladies, this one is to each and every one of you.


An admirer of your virtue.