Genni Lee Hester

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light is lite is light

Light gives us the capacity, 
Not only to see human misery
But beyond this society. 

The light of the soul illuminates as much as the sun, 
And grows much more. 

Look within.

There you will find light,
There you will find sense,
There you will find sight. 

ashram in argentina

ashram in argentina



vegetariano buenos aires

I head south to Argentina later this week. I love to travel solo because it gives me copious amounts of time to read, write, daydream, and wander aimlessly. Furthermore, as a vegetarian, it allows me to try all the vegetarian cuisine I want – guilt free. Here is a great NYTimes article by  Jainist, Tanvi Chheda, who compiled a list of vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires. I will definitely be found at one of these spots this coming weekend.