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More, more emptiness

nothing is more beautiful

than more emptiness.


Javier Marín Terra. La materia como idea. Palacio de Iturbide, Fomento Cultural Banamex, Mexico City, Mexico.


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Wait, Weight, Wait

Today I share a poem from my book memoirs of the am. May it both inspire you and help you find comfort during the holiday season. Enjoy every bite guilt-free… Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Wait, Weight, Wait

Just wait, before you finish your day,
The thought of pounds, your weight,
Will most likely come to mind.

Don’t worry; it’s part of the design.
I want to prosecute the crime of this confusion.

Showing size zeros;
Those with eating disorders.
Yet, providing innutritious food,
To those waiting to lose weight.

This constant debate in our society has us
Waiting to weigh in. With our money, time, and health.

Waiting for truth to weight-loss cannot be bought.
Just STOP eating what they tell you is good,
And follow your heart – set yourself apart.

Don’t weight.


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pistachio pesto

Here is a beautiful plus unique pesto sauce to make before summer’s end.


1 cup of basil

4-5 cloves of garlic

1/2 cup of olive oil

2/3 cup of shelled pistachios

Pasta of choice


Utilizing blender, begin with the basil (adding a little water as you go). Next throw in the peeled garlic, blend more. Stop the blender and push the ingredients down towards the blade then slowly add the olive oil. Once you have a nice consistency, repeat the process but add your shelled pistachios. You will create a nutty, aromatic pesto sauce. Simply pour this over your al dente pasta and enjoy!

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El Greco in New York closes this weekend


Today I had a wonderful opportunity to swing by the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see its commemoration of El Greco’s 400th death anniversary. The exhibit, El Greco in New York, displays a mixture of the artist’s religious works as well as portraits and landscapes. In fact, the famous View of Toledo is on presentation. El Greco created during the Spanish Renaissance, yet has had an obvious influence on modern artists. Most notably Picasso; there are parallels seen in both his his blue plus cubism periods.

If in the New York area over the next few days, please take the time to see this fantastic exhibit!




(Images courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website:

View of Toledo

View of Toledo


Portrait of an Old Man (thought to be El Greco himself)

Portrait of an Old Man (thought to be El Greco himself)


The Vision of Saint John

The Vision of Saint John

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must see film: short term 12


Yesterday I saw the film Short Term 12 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. I was emotionally transported to places in my life I have not thought about in years, while simultaneously finding a deep sense of compassion for humanity. The film artistically and thoughtfully explores the world of children who are often forgotten, so we think. It unveils the possibility we each have when we simply care. Please find the trailer below and go support this truly phenomenal film. Have a peaceful Sunday.

With love,