Genni Lee Hester


“Working with Genni restores my sense of wellbeing. I leave feeling centered, lighter, and with increased mental clarity. Every session has been different – Genni takes into account my emotional/physical state and customizes the day’s practice according to my needs, from yoga movements to meditation and aroma therapy, among other methods. What I love is that our practice continues beyond our session time. Genni gives “homework” that I can practice at home and throughout my day to help me stay centered. Genni is incredibly intuitive, compassionate, and supportive – I feel lucky to have found her to help me on my journey.”

– Marta Prachar, Visual Artist 

“Filled with warmth, light-hearted humour, and a vast knowledge of yoga history, anatomy and asanas, Genni is a thoughtful and talented yoga teacher and practitioner. The depth of her knowledge of the history, philosophy, culture and spirituality of yoga is profound. I enjoy paying attention to her style and the interplay between the cognitive and aesthetic elements of yoga. She has helped me see the serpentine and cyclic themes of movement, and new threads of philosophical thought to consider.

Genni’s class is not a huff and puff yoga workout; it is way more than that. It is moving meditation, pranayama (breath work), and yoga philosophy all rolled into one class. Genni therefore manages to incorporate the perfect balance of stillness and calmness into her classes. She teaches with an open heart and soul that allows everyone in the room to relax and breath. I always come out of the class feeling so much more opened and renewed. I highly recommend her to experienced as well as beginner students.”

– Alberto Cepeda Orvañanos, International Law Attorney 

“I have been working with Genni for a few years now, and I must say it has only gotten better.  She obviously not only continues to educate herself on yoga and anatomy but exquisitely applies the principles to our sessions. She is professional yet still warm and relatable. Bonus: She has taught me much about healthy cooking, too! I  was able to lose 15 lbs. under her guidance. Whether you want spiritual, fitness, or both – Genni has you covered.”

– Marlena, Upper West Side Mother of Two

“I had a private yoga session with Genni and it was DIVINE. So relaxing, peaceful, blissful, and I left feeling ten inches taller than usual. She is an extremely skilled and studied teacher with years of experience that shine through in her teaching. She uses hands-on adjustments which I really enjoyed. She tailors her teaching to the individual needs of her student and brings her lovely, caring personality to the classroom. She truly cares about helping you feel good and relax and I would definitely recommend her to everyone from beginners looking to start a yoga practice, to experienced practitioners interested in deepening their practice.”

– Ellie Shepley, Wellness Educator & Public Speaker

“I am a pretty shy individual, but from the very beginning she made me feel comfortable. I had never practiced yoga before and have some health complications. Working privately with her allowed me to not worry about what other students were thinking. I have made huge progress. I am so so so grateful to have found her and I plan on working with her many more years.”

– Anonymous 

“Genni Hester is a great teacher. A while back I had been going through a stressful time and had the good fortune to see her for a few one-on-one sessions. She put me at ease right away with her calm demeanor! Her knowledge of physiology and alignment gives her a really good sense for how to correct your postures, and I loved how willing she was to explain not just how yoga practice works for your health, but why as well. She even tailored a session for me when I was very hungover one day, and it was great! The gentle rotations and restful positions were accompanied by interesting explanations of how these seemingly insignificant movements actually stimulate the liver and help detoxify. I learned quite a bit in my few sessions with Genni and even still use some of the tricks she taught me! Her depth of knowledge contributes to her being a wonderful teacher, and an avid practitioner whose enthusiasm is infectious.”

– Alex, Student

“First off, yoga at Integral is the real deal. The atmosphere is what gets you going! Seriously, the moment you walk in your mind begins to settle. Everyone is so kind. Next, the actual class, which was instructed by Genni Hester was amazing. Both a work out for mind a body. For beginners this is where you want to be, she softly explains each position and what they’re doing for our bodies. She hits the trifecta like nobody’s business: peacefulness, wellness, and a workout.”

Simone See, Culinary Artist & Healthy Food Planner


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