Genni Lee Hester


Genni works in person with clients as a yoga teacher focusing upon somatic meditation and behavioral changes. Additionally she also has a pay-what-you-can option for people who want wellness coaching and/or meditation instruction via skype or phone. Genni developed the latter option because she does not believe we should put a price tag on health. Cutting overhead and commuting costs allows her to provide top quality wellness services to anyone who is ready to take their health to the next level.


What should I wear? 

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to your session. There is an area to change before we begin.

Should I bring a mat? 

Items we use in daily life store energy. It is great to practice on your own mat; however, it is also burdensome to carry it around the city. For this reason, I have mats and props available. Feel free to bring your own if you wish.

How long are sessions? 

Sessions typically last 1.25 to 1.5 hours.

Where do we meet?

We can meet at your apartment or at my office in Chelsea.

What is therapeutic yoga?

In my approach I integrate mindful movement, aromatherapy, meditation, deep relaxation, and creative visioning to tap into both the conscious and subconscious patterns of the mind/body phenomenon. I am a member of IAYT. You can find wonderful information about the practice on their webside: 

What should I expect? 

My main area of focus is stress-management and relief. When we allow an increased activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, our body can naturally heal itself. Blood flow is redistributed and we move away from the surge of catecholamines produced by the adrenal cortex. Therefore, a sense of peace and calm usually follows our time together.

How much do you charge? 

$80 per session.


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