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late autumn, preparing the body for winter

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Today I want to share with you some simple tips for late autumn. Here in NYC the air is crisp and Thanksgiving is this week! As you might have experienced, this time of year our bodies go into storing mode inoder to prepare for the colder months. Ergo, heavier processed foods become appealing (e.g., dairy, packaged food, etc…). Instead of allowing cravings to dictate our plate, we can select seasonally appropriate foods to center our bodies for now and the colder months ahead. Traditional Macrobiotic meals are my favorite go-tos this late in fall. Root vegetables, adzuki beans, brown rice, and greens are all great options. Oatmeal is divine for breakfast, have fun by adding your favorite nuts and fruit.

fig, pecan oatmeal

fig, pecan oatmeal

Umeboshi plums are another great macrobiotic treat when you are feeling a little weak or spacey from the changing season. The yin fruit mixed with yang energies of salt and time allow for a nice, balancing effect (add some to a cup of kukicha tea and zap your hangover).



Most importantly, however, make sure to get outside and enjoy the beauty. Go to the park, appreciate the winds of change, and reap the harvest of all your healthy efforts.

If you live in the NYC area I am accepting new clients at this time. For those who are not near, I also do consulting via phone or Skype. Check my contact information tab to schedule your appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.

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