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raw, vegan ice cream

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Hello :),

How are you?

I am sorry I missed Wellness Wednesday last week; I was finishing up my travels abroad. I hope your summer is still great as well.

Speaking of summer, I want to share with you a receipe that mixes two of my favorite summer loves – raw food and ice cream. yum. yum. yum. This fantastic recipe comes from the one and only Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram over at (head over there and check out the plethora of tips and recipes).

Recipe for her banana ‘nice’ cream:

*8-9 frozen bananas

*1-2 peaches

*1 cup-o-berries

If you are traveling or do not own a high speed blender, a little splash of fresh coconut milk or water can help with blending. Put the bananas in the blender and blend. Next the peaches. Place in a serving bowl. Add the berries as sprinkles on top –  voila!

triple take

triple take



ice-cream ambiance

ice-cream ambiance

Now you have a chemical free, dairy free, gluten free, fully raw dessert with no artificial sweeteners. ENJOY.

I want to hear from you! What are some of your favorite summer health treats?  

Talk soon,



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