Genni Lee Hester


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Regurgitation of my food feels so much better
Than the regurgitation of your thoughts.

Education in not about memorization to make an A,
It is about critical analysis of who we are.
No child is left behind; to think for him or herself.


I have passed your test just to find out that I can pass a
What good does this do me now that I am out?
What fairness and equality does this bring?
What autonomy can ever be achieved?

The answer to the last question is key.
Propaganda cannot be so easily bought
By those who know how to use their critical thought.

As I sit here and chew on all the multiple choices you
throw at me,
I have vividly begun to see why I want this regurgitated.
My education will be for my preservation;
My conscious thoughts are my one true haven.


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