Genni Lee Hester

transition exercise: the year of the horse

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Welcome to Wellness Wednesday.

The Internet is abuzz with talk about the Chinese New Year (Friday January 31st). It is fun to read predictions and tap into the energy of the 5 elements: metal, wood, water, fire, earth. However, how can we use this inspiration to cultivate real change? Today I explain a simple excise that allows you to personalize your transition from the year of the yin water snake to the year of the yang horse. This has been a powerful tool for my clients to release both stress and anxiety.

First, take 2 envelopes and 2 pieces of paper. On one envelope write fears and on the other write hopes. Make this exercise a meditation; really tap into your subconscious.

The first piece of paper dives deep and swims with the water snake. Take time to reflect over this past year, did you have any emotionally traumatizing experiences; are you fearful these will reoccur? Try to be as specific as possible. What were some of the common themes or narratives in your thought patterns? For instance, what do you most commonly worry about? Identify these worries as fears.

Once you feel content (there is no set time for this exercise, take as much time as you need), place the first paper aside and then move on to your hopes.

The second piece of paper puts you atop your horse, which will carry you far – with little struggle – this year. What are your wildest dreams? Give yourself permission to GO CRAZY! What do you want? No guilt or strings attached. Really have fun and visualize your most ideal life.

Now that both pages are complete take your fears and tear them up. Place the pieces into your envelope and seal it. Mindfully and gently hold your hopes. Fold the paper and place it in the envelope. Place both envelopes in your wallet or bag and carry them around. Throw away your fears envelope whenever your intuition guides you to the right place.

Though this exercise is simple, it can bring up enormous emotions. Only through awareness and acceptance can these ever be released. I sincerely hope this practice allows you to personalize your new year. Do not simply consume information on how the year of the horse will be, take the reins and guide your own destiny.



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