Genni Lee Hester

political poetry

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In today’s edition of Wellness Wednesday I am posting a political poem from my book memoirs of the am. The current government shutdown is unnecessary, and I hope our government officials are able to resolve this issue sooner rather than later. Positive thoughts and well wishes go out to all of those directly and indirectly affected.


Genni Lee Hester.

Bitter Coffee

What is left to say
About our republic government today?
Corporations and lobbyists
Are the ones who pave the way.

I am repeating everyone’s song,
None of us belong in this unnatural state.
Our only choice left is to vote, to participate.

The downfall is, one choice is left out
There is no little black box
That lets us say no
There is no choice of: NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Entangled in desperation
Distracted by technological socialization
These are the facts of my generation.

The only choice I have is to swallow the regret
To taste my morning coffee and hope it’s fair trade
For some child today will not have the opportunity
To scrutinize worse living situations in a land far away.


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