Genni Lee Hester

food for thought: green eggs and spam

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Happy Wellness Wednesday,

Below is one of my favorite poems from memoirs of the am. I love to re-explore it this time of year when kids are going back to school. Healthy minds and bodies are not separate, they work synergetically!

With love,


Green Eggs and Spam

Green Eggs and Spam.
This is in our bodies.
This is what we are.
Even worse, who we are.

We Eat. We Eat. We Eat.
What do we eat?
I do not know,
The words on the label too long to speak.

Faster than speeding light,
Into the drive-through we go – day and night.
GMO’S, genetically altering us.
No end in sight.

Green Eggs and Spam.
They seem so innocent.
Perhaps from a storybook,
Something I read long ago.

Yet childless hens and shredded cows
Were not in those images.
Bulging society full of diabetes and cancer;
When we know the answer.

Green Eggs and Spam.
I am. I am. I am.
I am, Green Eggs and Spam.


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