Genni Lee Hester

happy birthday blog (50% off yoga)


Happy Wellness Wednesday,

The month of July marks the one year anniversary of this blog. I am deeply grateful for those who follow, like, and share what I put out into the universe. Many of you are writers as well; thus, you can empathize with the feelings of exposing your inner world.

Today’s post is a vow to go bigger. This is made in order to better serve you and our global community over this next year and beyond.

I have three specific commitments to help propel this energy to the next level:

First, I commit to continuing Wellness Wednesdays in order to not just get through hump day, but to fly over it! Second, I commit to a no alcohol August in order to clean myself on an even deeper level. Although I do not consider myself to have an alcohol problem, nor do I find it necessary to completely drop it in order to lead an authentic spiritual life, my intuition is telling me that I gotta let go of that glass of red wine on the weekends. Finally, in order to properly celebrate the one year anniversary of this blog I thought gifting was necessary; therefore, I commit to offering 50% off all private yoga sessions during August and September. If you are in the NYC area feel free to find my contact information and check for availability.

We are already finished with over 1/2 of 2013! Take this moment right now to reflect on the goals you established for yourself this year. Keep what is working, let go of what is not.Thank you so much for your encouraging e-mails and support. Let’s go higher together.

With love,




2 thoughts on “happy birthday blog (50% off yoga)

  1. It is so positive to regard your achievement as a springboard to the next level. Happy anniversary!

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