Genni Lee Hester

energy via inner-Chi

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The Dog Days of Summer are here in New York City. I do prefer the heat and sunshine of summer over the cold, dark winter days; however, I have been feeling extra emotional and exhausted this past week. Astrologically we are amidst the water sign of Cancer plus in Mercury retrograde through Saturday. If business or personal communication has felt confusing for you over the past week, know that energy shifts are on their way.

This does not mean we blame energy patterns for our actions; in fact, this knowledge gives us greater responsibility and control of our will to enter deeper into the present moment. For instance, heat exhaustion has left me feeling tired, thus reaching for extra caffeine. When I take a moment to cool down, reset my body, and meditate on the physical sensations occurring I naturally receive more real energy. As the title of this posts suggests: Find your energy via inner-chi.

Keep an eye out next week for a post which details a wonderful pranayama practice to utilize during hot weather. If you have any suggestions for receiving more energy through mindfulness, please share them below.



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