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Sans the Moo: 3 Smooth Smoothies

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Smoothies are sometimes seen as healthy milkshakes, yet are often made with some questionable ingredients (e.g., powered proteins). Why not go au naturel? Although I am not completely vegan, morning is not the time for dairy. The casein in cow’s milk is challenging to digest; therefore, it slows us down. Instead of loading up on milk, yogurt, or synthetic shake powders, I suggest playing with these three recipes below until you find your perfect smoothie. Don’t fuss over exact measurements, use your intuition to become closer to your body’s needs. As the days become colder try replacing some of the tropical fruits with seasonal items. Finally, don’t rely on ice for texture in your smoothie; ice slows down agni (the digestive energy or fire in Ayurvedic Medicine). Yes, as the titles elude, these smoothies are kid tested and friendly!

(1) Green Monster Smoothie: banana, apple, lemon, kale, spinach, avocado, and filtered water.

(2) Very Berry Soy Fairy: silken tofu, pomegranate seeds, blueberries, raspberries, soy milk, and stevia to taste.

 (3) Nutty Professor: flax seed, almond milk, almond butter, rawtella, vegan almond yogurt, and filtered water.

Photos courtesy of Michelle Heimerman (

Green Monster Smoothie

Fresh Kale & Lemon

Green Monster Avec Soy Fairy

Very Berry Soy Fairy

Flax Seeds/Protein Shake

Nutty Professor


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